Coronavirus passport may be required for traveling in 2021 [Video]


  • Tech companies are looking into developing applications and digital wallets that can store information containing a person’s vaccination proof, test results, and temperature.
  • Such an app or ‘passport’ will be required for travelers or a large gathering of crowds such as concerts or conventions.
  • While the facility is promising for the future, experts say there’s no way to determine if next year’s travels will be safer.   

Two passports may be a requirement for traveling in 2021. 

Numerous companies are creating passport-like applications that can show an individual’s COVID-19 vaccine and test reports. The certification could be a requirement for traveling on planes or going to assemblies, including shows or gigs, as reported by CNN.

One such passport app from Common Trust Network is affiliating with carriers like Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa, JetBlue, Swiss Air Lines, United, Virgin Atlantic, and several hundreds of health care facilities in Aruba and the US.

Named as the CommonPass app, people can transmit a result of a coronavirus test, or sooner or later, a proof showing that the individual already got two doses of the vaccine as certified by an authorized medical facility.

Other than focusing on the person’s private information, the app would auto-generate a record in a QR code form, which in turn, can be scanned by flight ground crews and or security staff. The app can also have a health requirement checklist available for the passenger at both the departure and arrival terminals.

A spokesman for Commons Project, Thomas Crampton, said that a traveler can be checked at every border since a person cannot be vaccinated every time.

The company is not the only one preparing for the possible future of the inevitable getting together in tight spaces. IBM is also looking into the development of a Digital Health Pass, which would give venues the capability of setting health requirements before allowing entry,  including vaccination,  negative test results, and temperature check. Data will be available anytime at a digital wallet.

Some tech firms are also developing a swipeable or scannable card that can store information for people who don’t use smartphones.

Co-chair of the COVID-19 Credentials Initiative,  Lucy Yang, explained that the reason behind developing such an app is that the future needs a platform for digital credentials for everyone, even if smartphones or internet connection are not available. She added that there are several companies who are also into developing such an app.

And while these facilities are effective in storing and conveying information, it will remain uncertain if these passports can make future travel safer.

Stanford University infectious disease specialist Dr. Julie Parsonnet, told CNN that there’s still no way of knowing if vaccinated people can infect others or not, adding that pending this information, we won’t determine how effective passports will be.

Source: New York Post

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