CDC’s travel guidelines can help stop spreading of coronavirus, Dr. Anthony Fauci says


  • CDC implements travel advisory as a response to curb the coronavirus, which will focus on highly infected states.
  • The Trump administration has chosen not to enforce stricter measures across the nation, following the CDC’s travel advisory guidelines.
  • The purpose of the advisory is to flatten the curve on the coronavirus cases in the next 15 days.


On Sunday, Dr. Anthony Fauci said the Center Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) travel restriction guidelines could eventually help end the spread of the COVID-19.

On Saturday night, President Trump announced they would not be enforcing strict quarantine procedures on some areas of New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York.

As a response to the crisis,  the Trump administration instead opted to apply CDC’s Domestic Travel Advisory that advises against unnecessary domestic travel for 14 days on those three states, effective immediately.

CDC noted that workers of essential industries such as financial services, food, health professionals, and trucking are exempted from the travel advisory.

Also on Sunday, Dr. Fauci said the task force, along with the Vice President, had a thorough meeting with the president at the White House this weekend. While they previously considered mandatory quarantine as an option, the president agreed for a strict advisory instead.

Fauci, one of the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force most outspoken members, clarified the decision’s rationale is to accomplish the goal of curbing the spread of COVID-19 without the undesirable effect on the morale of Americans. He further noted that as of late, more than fifty percent of new cases are recorded in New York City.

The advisory is mainly giving strong advice to people to stay in their homes unless travel is essential to the states indicated on the advisory to avoid further spread of infection.

Currently, New York is now the focus of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States and exceeding 52,000 confirmed cases and more than 700 casualties.

From these numbers, there are around 7,300 individuals confined to New York hospitals, plus about 1,800 people under intensive care units.

Dr. Fauci remarked that focusing on the states where there is a large concentration of cases, such as New York, will be as effective as in preventing the spread of coronavirus in places where there are only a few infections.

Fauci was asked when will be the guidelines be lifted, and he answered early this week as the president’s 15-day time frame in beating COVID-19 is about the reach the expected time schedule.

He noted, though, that the White House will not ease out the measures on the infection critical areas such as New York.

Flattening the trend and seeing it on the downward direction is something we want to see, Dr. Fauci added. He also noted that the plan’s intensity would be open for modification should they see a decrease in the number of cases, and ultimately, coronavirus will set the timetable.

In 15 days, Fauci said the task force would convene and discuss the next step.

Source: Fox News

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