CDC: Kids spread coronavirus to family members after exposure at child care facilities


  • A CDC study released on Friday revealed that children exposed to the novel coronavirus in child care programs at Salt Lake, Utah, have infected at least a dozen members of their household.
  • Based on contact tracing data between April and July, some of the infected children were asymptomatic while others showed mild symptoms.
  • The authors of the report also stated that an 8 month-old child even transmitted the virus to both parents, contesting the idea that those below 10 years of age cannot spread the virus.

Following exposure at three child care facilities at Salt Lake, Utah, during COVID-19 outbreaks, a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released Friday stated that young children have infected family members they came in contact with at home.

“Twelve children acquired COVID-19 in child care facilities,” the CDC indicated in its findings.

Out of the 46 parents or siblings the children came in close contact with, at least a dozen were infected with one parent reportedly hospitalized, according to the data gathered from contact tracing between April and July. The report also stated that one child who infected both parents was only 8 months old, disputing beliefs that those under 10 years old cannot possibly spread the virus. 

Findings revealed that the infected children showed mild to no symptoms with 2 out of 3 asymptomatic children possibly passing the virus to their parents and teachers.

Study authors said the study involved a retrospective review of data taken by contact tracers to gain insight on how children play a role in SARS-CoV-2 transmission from child care centers to household contacts.

The study also stressed the importance of staying home when a household member is symptomatic. A staff member, known as patient A1, of one of the child care settings studied had gone to work when a household member of patient A1 experienced symptoms. Nine days after, patient A1 displayed COVID-19 infection symptoms. The report added that patient A1 tested positive after quarantining one day after showing symptoms.

“Three days after patient A1’s symptom onset, a second staff member (patient A2) experienced symptoms and had a positive SARS-CoV-2 test result one day later,” stated the report. The facility later closed down on April 3.

Furthermore, the authors also said that testing for the virus, particularly individuals who asymptomatic children come in contact with in child care programs as well as timely results can help hinder the spread of the virus and provide a deeper understanding of the role of children in transmission.

The CDC recommended that those working in child care settings maintain health protocols such as mask use especially that children are too young to wear face masks.  Other ways to lower the transmission of the novel coronavirus include frequent cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, correct hand washing techniques, and staying home when sick or a household member is symptomatic.  

Source: Fox News

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