CAREN Act: proposed ordinance to make discriminatory 911 calls illegal in San Francisco


  • Soon, racially-based and bogus 911 calls will be unlawful in San Francisco under the CAREN Act.
  • The bill aims to make it illegal for anyone to call police officers because of discriminatory reasons such as ethnicity, race, and sexual orientation.
  • CAREN Act will still undergo a public hearing first, and once signed by the city mayor, it will take 30 more days to take effect. 

A San Francisco lawmaker proposed a bill this week that would make fake and racially motivated 911 calls illegal. A supervisor’s board member, Shamann Walton, presented the Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies Act, known as the CAREN Act, during a conference on Tuesday. 

The abbreviation for the legislation is about “Karens,” the popular term in social media, which refers to white women who went against Black or people of color in everyday things.

The latest incidences include the white woman who seeks police help after she was asked to move and leash her canine by a Black man in New York’s Central Park.

Another one is the white couple who threatened a Filipino-American man for inscribing Black Lives Matter message with chalk outside his San Francisco home.

“The CAREN Act will make it unlawful for an individual to contact law enforcement solely to discriminate on the basis of a person’s race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity,” Walton said in a statement.

The proposal would be complementary to another bill by the state of California Assemblyman Rob Bonta to make prejudiced 911 calls a crime of hate.

Bonta stressed that if someone is scared of a Black family doing regular things such as having a barbecue in the park, a man jogging regularly on the bike lane, or a park staffer requesting someone to observe regulations, and the reaction was to call the police immediately, the actual problem is that someone’s personal bias.

Existing California law says false police reports are felony or misdemeanor offenses. The specific details included in the CAREN Act, however, were not part of the current legislation.

Some Twitter observers, though, such as actress Yvette Nicole Brown, find the bill’s name amusing.

Other users, including former San Francisco mayoral candidate Richie Greenberg, criticized the name. He thinks the name was ridiculous, along with many other jokes about corruption and vagrancy in San Francisco.

The bill’s press lease implies that under Bonta’s Assembly Bill 1550,  the calls made in 911 that fall under the indicated list will be categorized as hate crimes. The caller may also be charged for up to $10,000 in recompenses.

Those who will violate the CAREN Act would be charged with at least $1,000.

Following a  30-day hold, the CAREN Act will have a hearing at the Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee. Should it be ratified into law by San Francisco Mayor London Breed, 30 more days will be required for it to take effect.

Source: AOL

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12 thoughts on “CAREN Act: proposed ordinance to make discriminatory 911 calls illegal in San Francisco

  1. I think the Caren act is so important. 911 calls are not for unstable bigoted people to make. Just because they are paranoid being around others because of their their skin color and not due to a true mental illness is to tie up the lines and resources of our emergency personnel and law enforcement. This Caren Act should be enacted all over out US. I’m a white person and I approve this messege

    1. Its already against the law. Its called filing a false report and both black and white people get charged with that ALL THE TIME. I swear every time you turn around there is a new law that duplicates an existing law except that it only protects a small minority of people. If the police would simply start enforcing the CURRENT laws idiots like you wouldn’t feel the need to press for NEW laws that WON’T BE ENFORCED EITHER.

    2. Do you think the CAREN act is important? Look at the fucking acronym it’s double standard! In the black community the name “Karen” is used to describe a Racist and entitle white woman! But somehow this is OK! How demeaning , judge mental and yes fucking racist! So every beautiful kind hearted, selfless and live their life following the word of God whose name happens to be Karen suddenly holds the scarlet letter and title to this bullshit?! This is not happening with that acronym …not if I have anything to do with it!

    3. Oh, well. You people in SF keep voting these incompetents back into power. As Abe Lincoln said–paraphrasing: the vote belongs to the people, it is theirs to decide. If the people you elect burns down your city, then you all must sit on your backside in the your own blisters. Have a good day.

    4. You think that because you a retarded person. Look up the definition of retarded. Thas you fucktard, get out of America you stupid fuck, or fight us Americans that follow the constitution. I will gladly fight for my freedoms on US soil against shit heads like you. I will not discriminate as I do not care what color you are and my fists and bullets do not either.

      re•tard•ed rĭ-tär′dĭd►
      adj. Affected with impaired intellectual development.
      adj. Occurring or developing later than desired or expected; delayed.
      adj. Socially inappropriate or foolish.

    1. They are implying is that you can’t make the phone call and immediately say there are two “black” Men that looks suspicious? I think the word two men and then once asked to describe then add the details?

  2. The name is racist against white people. Karen is slang word used by blacks to describe white women. So now a white woman can not call the police on lurking black criminals who intent to do shady things. The very base of the law is aimed at race. The regular laws that we already have are sufficient if they would just follow the constitution.

    1. Absolutely it’s the double standard bullshit! Let’s bring this back to the forefront . What was actually said to white woman when she was approached in Central Park a.k.a. Karen. As he was constantly holding up his device and filming her making her feel violated the bird watcher then said and I’m quoting verbatim” Look if you’re going to do what you want then I’m going to do what I want but you’re not going to like it” ….this is what this large very physically fit man said to this woman! They were in an isolated area of park and I would have felt defenseless and threatened also. Tell me how is one supposed to react to a statement like that? This is then when she became obviously irate. The media constantly leaves this part of the confrontation out and I’m fucking over it!

      1. get ready to fight, because a fight is a coming. Letting criminals out of jail and then jailing people without paper masks is their plan. Fine people who need help, our agencies are against us at this point. Only one way out of this and it is not by being kind/polite/politically correct. I have free speech and am not a politician, so they will have to suck it up and be American adults or feel the wrath of my fists and other necessary tools it self defense. No more mr nice guy!!!!!

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