Buttigieg Says It Will Be Tough for Sanders to Beat Trump, Because of Bernie’s ‘Labels’ and ‘Approach’ [Video]


  • Pete Buttigieg thinks that Trump will be a difficult matchup against Sanders due to the Senator’s unrealistic approach to policies.
  • Ex-Vice President Joe Biden attacked Buttigieg’s Iowa caucus momentum experience and standing as a newcomer.
  • Trump has repetitively called out Democrats as unacquainted socialists who’ll collapse the economy.

South Bend, Indiana’s former mayor, Pete Buttigieg, on Tuesday, said that the far-reaching reformist programs presented by Bernie Sanders could be the Senator from Vermont‘s weak point if he’ll be the one to go up against incumbent US President Donald Trump on November 3. 

Buttigieg recently said to NBC’s “Today” that it will not be easy for Sanders, who adapted democratic socialism to his platform, because of the Senator’s labels and approach.

Democratic candidate,  Pete also told today that,

“When you look at what he’s proposing in terms of the budget, all the things he’s put forward and how to pay for them, there’s a $25 trillion hole to pay for everything he’s put forward.”

The comments made by Buttigieg were following previous week’s lengthy caucus’ poll results in Iowa.  Stats from the Iowa Democratic Party showed the largest delegate count by 14 on Buttigieg, while closing at 12, in the second spot, was Sanders.

The former mayor from Indiana is on the attempt to capitalize on his advantage from Iowa to boost his campaign in New Hampshire; however,  former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator  Amy Klobuchar, has struck Buttigieg’s momentum by questioning his experience as a newcomer.

In his political platform, Sanders proposed extensive policies that would restructure almost every area related to the economic life of all Americans, including education, environment, and health protection. To support what he envisions,  he said that he was thinking of taxing Wall Street.

Eyeing for re-election,  Trump in the past has always labeled Democrats as naive socialists who have the potential to put the economy in collapse.

Source: AOL

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