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British pubs may require vaccine passport


  • Outdoor socializing restrictions may be relaxed soon in Britain.
  • Brits may also be able to go to pubs or foreign holidays when possessing a vaccine passport.
  • With the target of vaccinating 15 million people in the four most vulnerable groups being hit, school reopenings are also considered.

Brits may be able to lead a normal life again, but on one condition: having a vaccine passport.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab stated that there have been proposals suggesting that immunized Brits be allowed to do normal activities, like going to a pub or on foreign holidays, when having a vaccine passport.

Raab told LBC, “It is something that hasn’t been ruled out and is something under consideration. But of course you have got to make it workable.”

He explained that the documents involved have to be a reliable and “accurate reflection of the status of the individual.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has suggested that having a vaccine passport can be a ticket to activities that are otherwise restricted amid the pandemic.

He said at a No10 press conference last week, “When we’re in that different world, which I hope will be as soon as possible, then all kinds of apps and all kinds of possibilities will be open to us.”

Britain is expected to hit the target of vaccinating 15 million people in the four most vulnerable groups by February 15. Johnson will be holding a press conference tomorrow to discuss this.

On February 22, the PM will be unveiling his “roadmap” where school reopening is his top priority. He also plans to lift restrictions for some outdoor socializing activities, such as coffee meet-ups in the park, next month.

The current restrictions only allow people to meet outdoors for exercise and while standing up. Relaxing the measure will allow Brits to sit down outdoors with a friend or member of their own household.

Following a risk assessment of non-essential shops reopening, High Street will then be reopened soon afterward, which may include pubs and restaurants.


Source: The Sun

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