Bill Gates Donates $4M To Breed Mosquitoes That Kill Each Other During Sex


  • A plan to breed mosquitoes that kill each other off during sex is now being funded a sum of £3 million ($4 million) by Microsoft founder, Bill Gates.
  • A risky attempt to suppress malaria, a lethal illness that is usually given off by a bite of the infected mosquitoes.
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, a charitable institution will be using their own funds to eliminate malaria “within a generation” according to the tech mogul.

To generate biogenetic male mosquitoes that copulate with wild female mosquitoes is the plan. The gene-engineered mosquitoes are harmless to humans because only female mosquitoes bite.

The essential part is that the males pass off an exclusive gene to the females that can kill off the brood before entering adulthood.

After an ample amount of time, the peril brought about by blood-sucking female mosquitoes can be eliminated since mosquitoes start to bite when they turn to adults.

The containment of malaria through mosquito bites can now be achievable.

“Friendly Mosquitoes” were the names given to these engineered insects by Oxitec, a U.K. company that created them, even though their female counterparts may oppose to that.

The Zika virus is already being countered by the biogenetic insects developed by Oxitec.

Up to 90% of the Zika carrying mosquitoes have been eradicated in a number of areas but the malaria-carrying ones need a newly developed breed to copulate with.

By the end of 2020, experiments for Oxitec’s killer sex insects are likely to start.

The thought of having engineered mosquitoes killing off their offspring prematurely is not leaving everyone impressed.

Friend of the Earth, a charity committed to conserve the environment denounced Oxitec’s work.

“Trials of its mosquitoes must not move forward in the absence of comprehensive and impartial reviews of the environmental, human health and ethical risks.” stated back in 2012 by Friend of the Earth’s Eric Hoffman.

Friend of the Earth, at that time, said: “The GM (genetically modified) mosquitoes are intended to reduce the wild population by mating with naturally occurring mosquitoes and producing progeny which don’t survive, thus reducing the population and therefore the transmission of the tropical disease dengue fever.”

Despite all the allegations, Bill Gates still supports Oxitec’s project.

Gates already funded Oxitec’s mosquito projects of a sum up to £3.7 million (approximately $4.9 million) back in 2010.

He has greatly supported works on eliminating malaria, an illness that claims of up to 440,000 lives yearly.

Indications of malaria that put the human life in danger involves contusions in the brain’s blood vessels, accumulation of fluid in the lungs, organ failure (of the kidneys, liver or spleen, anemia, and low blood sugar.

Source: Fox News


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