Biden’s ad campaign boosted by Bloomberg’s $100 million donations [Video]


  • Priorities USA, the largest Democratic Party super PAC supporting Joe Biden’s candidacy, announced on Thursday that it would boost the former vice president’s spending in Florida by buying more airtime to boost the chance of winning in the state.
  • The latest investment came from billionaire and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who said he would fund Biden’s campaign with $100 million.
  • Both Biden and President Donald Trump are spending heavily in the sunshine state that is known to be a massive swing state in history.

Billionaire and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is sponsoring the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden with $100 million to boost the former vice president’s chance of winning the election in Florida.

Biden’s campaign will utilize the resources to launch new advertising in Florida in an effort to conquer the sunshine state against President Donald Trump as the current polls showed both of them are parity in getting the votes.

Priorities USA, the major Democratic Party super PAC backing Biden’s presidency, declared on Thursday that it would allocate about $5.4 million donations from Bloomberg to purchase airtime at 10 media markets in Florida starting Friday up to next week.

The ads to be shown will be updated versions of spots which include a COVID-19 centered spot, an ad that is being contested by the Trump campaign in a lawsuit.

Bloomberg’s financial aid will be used mainly on advertising and voter mobilization efforts to address issues such as absentee voting.

In a statement, Priorities USA Chair Guy Cecil said that “If Joe Biden wins Florida, he wins the election. Mike Bloomberg’s support means we can continue the important work of connecting with Florida voters to hold Donald Trump accountable for his utter failure in combating the coronavirus.”

Currently, the super PAC has invested $12.5 million in Florida, which mainly contains English and Spanish-language TV and digital ads.

Priorities USA’s latest investment has further reinforced the massive spending of Biden’s campaign in Florida.

Florida, a grand swing state, has a history of deciding the winning candidate by slim margins. Currently, both presidential candidates are investing heavily in this state. In 2016, Trump won in Florida by around 100,000 votes (about one percentage point). If he will not be able to secure a victory among Florida voters in November, his second term in office would likely be blown off.

Source: The Hill

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