Biden plans a “national mandate to wear a mask” to stop COVID spread


  • Biden and his campaign have been consistent with mask-wearing, and he now plans to implement the order on a countrywide level once he sits as a president in January.
  • The majority of Americans support mask-wearing,  even in states and localities run by Republicans.
  • Encouraging a nationwide mask-wearing mandate rest on Biden’s capability to collaborate with local governments and persuade all Americans to use the essential protection against COVID-19.  

On August 20, upon getting the Democrat’s presidential race nomination, he announced that one of his response for the coronavirus is the implementation of a nationwide mask-wearing directive. And on January 20, five months after his remark, he’ll have his shot to attempt pushing for the plan.

Biden said on Monday that utilizing the core and responsible health restrictions such as social distancing and wearing face mask should not be politicized, adding that these necessary steps are one of the most effective ways to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In a Twitter post, he echoed his position on the matter,  urging everyone to wear a mask. However, he also recognizes that getting everyone in the U.S to follow the mandate will be challenging, considering that 16 states haven’t implemented orders on a  statewide scope, including Mississippi, which canceled its directive on the majority of its counties. 

With limited federal jurisdiction under his hands, the president-elect will also need to persuade everyone, from local to state levels, and every American about the importance of mask-wearing to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Different opinions are coming about if the U.S president has the power to implement a nationwide order to wear a mask. Some efforts to apply such both local and statewide have faced uncooperative groups and even lawsuits, making mask-wearing a contentious and political issue.

Biden has announced he will push for an executive order requiring face masks to be used on federal facilities and properties.

However, Biden’s plan of a nationwide mask-wearing directive was different from what is specified in his current online site. Instead, he would work with mayors and governors, urging them to come up with their orders, and encourage Americans to wear masks.

While it will be a rare occasion nowadays where Republican lead states and localities would cooperate with a Democratic president amidst the coronavirus crisis, many have ordered for mask-wearing, especially when cases and deaths among its constituents start to rise.

The Trump administration has consistently refused to wear masks in public, even in tight spaces.  Meanwhile, Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris have shown the opposite during their campaigns by wearing masks and actively promoting it as well. As early as now, Biden has already consulted with a group of public health and science experts, setting the direction of virus safety measures for all Americans.

What could help Biden achieve his goal is the reality that most Americans support wearing face masks. A study also showed that mask-wearing could save at least save 130,000 American lives.

Source: Vox

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