Biden on Trump lying about COVID-19 risk: ‘It’s almost criminal’ [Video]


  • On his Wednesday’s interview with CNN, Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden lambasted President Donald Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Trump’s concealment of the coronavirus threat was revealed in a book written by journalist Bob Woodward. Woodward based it on the series of his interviews with the president.
  • The former vice president said that Trump is doing nothing until now, even with the 190,000 fatalities and counting due to the pandemic.

In his interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Wednesday, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden described President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus during its early stage as “disgusting” and “almost criminal.”

Biden slammed Trump’s revelations that were based on his recorded interviews with investigative journalist Bob Woodward. Woodward shared the details in his new book entitled Rage, saying that Trump admitted he already knew the severity of the threat since February and yet, continued to downplay the pandemic until the following month.

“This caused people to die. And what did he do the whole time?” Biden said. 

“He acknowledged this ━ you breathe it, it’s in the air ━ and he won’t put on a mask. He’s talking about, ‘It’s ridiculous to put on a mask, what do you need social distancing for? Why have any of these rules?'”

Sharing his speculations about Trump’s undermining of the virus outbreak, Biden said: “It was all about making sure the stock market didn’t come down, that his wealthy friends didn’t lose any money, and that he could say anything, that in fact anything that happened had nothing to do with him.”

“He waved a white flag. He walked away. He didn’t do a damn thing… Think about it. Think about what he did not do ━ it’s almost criminal,” Biden argued.

Biden said that Trump had misled the nation about the severity of the pandemic. He also said that the president could have invoked the Defense Production Act as early as possible to expedite mass production of protective medical equipment which could have been used to prevent the spread of the virus before it began in the US.

The former VP further slammed Trump for attributing the virus to China. He said that the president should have delegated American scientists to travel to Wuhan during the inception of the virus and not lauded Chinese President Xi Jinping’s vague judgment.

“He said there’s no need for social distancing, don’t bother wearing a mask. He actually went so far as to suggest it was a violation of American freedom to maintain you had to wear a mask. And look what’s happened. Again, 190,000 dead and climbing. And what’s he doing now? He still has not moved. Look at the schools that are not opening,” Biden said.

He added: “Think of the choice the single mom has to make, ‘am I gonna go to my $7 an hour job … or stay home with my kid? I can’t afford anybody. I can’t afford to bring anybody in.’ I mean he’s doing nothing to help. Nothing to help.”


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