Biden confirms all-female communications team


  • The Incoming Biden-Harris administration confirmed that a full female team would head its communications group.
  • Biden said the choice was to introduce diversity to the workplace as the administration works toward the nation’s rebuilding.
  • While the Trump administration formally recognized Biden’s transition, the president hasn’t conceded to the election results yet, adding the legal proceedings challenging the results continues.

The 46th President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris said on Saturday that its communication group would be consists of nothing but all-female members, adding that they intend to bring in diversified outlook to the White House.

The incoming White House press secretary will be Jen Psaki, a leading member of Biden’s transition team who also previously worked with Obama and Biden’s administration. To serve as a White House communications director is Kate Bedingfield, a deputy manager of the Biden-Harris campaign.

Biden said that the group was composed of competent and skilled communicator who could present diverse standpoints to their jobs and a mutual promise to bring the country back together better.

Incoming Vice-president Harris said they would convey messages transparently, openly, and honestly as the nation struggles with the COVID-19 pandemic and other pressing issues.

One of the most well-known personalities in the Biden campaign, Symone Sanders,  will serve as a head spokesman and senior adviser for Harris.

Some team members also include senior campaign consultants Ashley Etienne, who will act as the incoming vice president’s communications director, and Elizabeth Alexander, assigned as the communications director of first lady Jill Biden.

Biden-Harris campaign director Pili Tobar will work as second-in-command White House communications director. Tobar also once served as America’s Voice deputy director, a nonprofit organization that promoted immigration reform.

A senior adviser to Biden,  Karine Jean Pierre, is to become a deputy press secretary.

Biden has also disclosed numerous other leading administration choices, such as ex Federal Reserve Head Janet Yellen, as the new secretary of the treasury,  and former Secretary of State John Kerry will fill the top climate adviser’s role. Ron Klain, a longtime aide, was chosen to serve as his chief of staff.

Last week, the Trump administration officially accepted Biden’s transition, allowing him access to critical resources and data to prepare for his presidency starting January.

During a Fox News interview on Sunday,  President Donald Trump confirmed he has not yet conceded the recent election, adding that the legal battle against the outcome would continue.

On Monday, Biden is expected to have his first Presidential Daily Briefing.

Source: NBC News

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