Arizona to re-close nightclubs, waterparks, gyms, bars for 30 days due to resurging COVID-19 cases


  • After Arizona reopened its businesses in May, a resurge in coronavirus cases leads to re-closure of these business establishments for 30 days.
  • Arizona Governor Doug Ducey also reschedules the opening of classes for August 17 and appeals to Arizonans to wear masks and stay at home.
  • The 30-day closure may extend if the surge does not decrease significantly.

With a reported 3,858 additional COVID-19 cases in a single day, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey orders re-closure of night clubs and waterparks, gyms, bars, movie theaters for 30 days and may be extended if the numbers do not go down significantly.

Arizona now has a total of 74,500 coronavirus cases and 1,580 deaths.

The re-imposition came after bars and other venues were allowed to reopen at the end of May and were packed leaving no measures for social distancing.

The reopening of classes is also moved to August 17.  The Department of Liquor Licenses and Control will suspend special-event licenses and cities and counties would have the authority to approve large events upon meeting protocols.  A ban on indoor and outdoor gatherings of 50 or more people is also re-imposed as well as the prohibition of groups larger than 50 people on public swimming pools.

A signage limiting groups of 10 or more and observance of proper social distancing for private pools in apartments and multi-housing complexes must be posted.

 “Our numbers continue to increase,” Ducey said at a Monday news conference in Phoenix. “In Arizona, they’re going in the wrong direction and we’re going to take some additional action today to contain this virus and get back on track.”

The governor appealed to Arizonans to stay at home and wear masks to lessen the risk of transmission of the virus.

“Remember, you are safer at home,” Ducey said. “If you don’t need to go out, don’t go out.”

Other states experiencing a resurgence in coronavirus cases have also reconsidered their decisions to re-open. After Texas hit a nearly 12 percent infection rate, Governor Greg Abbot has ordered a reduction of restaurant service, closed bars and imposed a 14-day quarantine for visitors to the state. 

Less than a month after its re-opening, Miami-Dade County officials closed its beaches ahead of the July 4 weekend. 

Source: Fox News

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