AOC blasts NBC News over “malicious” tweet [Video]


  • On Wednesday, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) slammed NBC News over a “malicious and misleading” tweet that said she ignored Democratic nominee Joe Biden and endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders instead.
  • In a clarified post, the news outlet said that the “tweet should have included more detail on the nominating process,” as they omitted it on their Twitter site.
  • Earlier, NBC published an article with a headline “AOC backs Sanders for president — ignores Biden in brief remarks,” which was also revised.

On Wednesday, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) lambasted NBC News on Twitter for its misleading tweet that said she bypassed presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden during the Democratic National Convention (DNC). 

On Tuesday night, NBC News wrote on Twitter, “In one of the shortest speeches of the DNC, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez did not endorse Joe Biden: “I hereby second the nomination of Sen. Bernard Sanders of Vermont for president of the United States of America.”

The following day, Ocasio-Cortez called out the news network as she cried foul over what she described as a “malicious and misleading” tweet.

NBC took down the original tweet and attached a screenshot of it to its new post, clarifying the incident. “Editor’s note and clarification: This tweet should have included more detail on the nominating process. We have deleted the tweet to prevent its further spread, but it can be seen here for the record.”

The network added: “Ocasio-Cortez was asked by the DNC to second Sanders’ nomination. The nomination is a procedural requirement of the convention. Ocasio-Cortez has previously endorsed Biden, & her speech was similar in length to other nominating speeches.”

Aside from the tweet, NBC also revised its published article with the initial headline “AOC backs Sanders for president — ignores Biden in brief remarks” to “AOC symbolically nominates Bernie Sanders in 60-second DNC speech.”

Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Twitter early Wednesday after the network issued a clarification for the initial tweet. “So @NBCNews how are you going to fix the incredible amount of damage and misinformation that you are now responsible for?”

The Democratic representative delivered a nominating speech for Senator Bernie Sanders at the DNC on Tuesday as a tribute for being the lone Democrat candidate who got adequate delegate votes to be officially nominated.

Some viewers who were unfamiliar with the practice expressed their confusion online, suggesting that Ocasio-Cortez was trying to contest Biden’s nomination.

In a separate post on Facebook, the lawmaker said that even Sanders did not come as the nomination’s victor, he fought real head against the issues and injustices the country has been dealing with.

Asked for a comment from HuffPost, NBC did not immediately respond.

Source: Huffington Post 

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