Another Russian doctor jumps from the window of a hospital due to mounting coronavirus stress [Video]


  • Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, a third Russian doctor jumped off a hospital building due to rising stress in handling virus patients.
  • The Russian doctor appeared on a video along with a colleague complaining about forced extended work hours.
  • Earlier, two other Russian plummeted from their hospital windows due to issues related to coronavirus pandemic.  

According to the report, a third Russian doctor has jumped off a hospital window allegedly because of growing stress involving the treatment of coronavirus patients.

The news agency, East2West, reported that a 37-year old doctor, Alexander Shulepov, got seriously hurt with head injuries following his appearance on a video clip saying he was asked to render work even if he was already infected with the coronavirus.

The outlet added that Shulepov, along with his associates, also complained of the personal protective equipment (PPE) scarcity in Voronezh’s southwestern city.

However, Shulepov later came out of another video, and while rested in a hospital bed,  he withdrew his earlier claims.

According to the reports, it was suspected that the 37-year old doctor retracted his initial statement under duress from hospital officials.

Eas2West further reported that while being treated for COVID-19, the doctor plunged from the window of the hospital’s second floor, where he suffered a severe injury on Saturday.

The doctor had been recorded on video along with a paramedic, Alexander Kosyakin, who had been earlier tagged by the police for allegedly spreading fake news about the shortage of PPE in the city.

Kosyakin was seen in the video saying that their head doctor is demanding them to work despite Doc. Shulepov’s coronavirus diagnosis. He also seemed to be confused about what to do in that situation.

The paramedic continued by saying that the alleged, extended long hours of work were real despite many saying it was not true.

Shulepov said his condition had gotten better as he appeared on the following video that came out.

The doctor clarified that during the first video, they were dealing with emotional stress, noting that he is now feeling well and with only just a runny nose.

When asked, Igor Potatin, the hospital’s head doctor, refused to give a comment on the allegations.

Earlier, Dr. Natalya Lebedeva, 48, who was infected with coronavirus, died when she plunged from the sixth floor of a Moscow hospital. Co-workers claimed that the doctor was falsely held responsible for the COVID-19 spread at her clinic stationed in Star City, a training facility for cosmonauts.

Meanwhile, after allegedly complaining of the lack of PPE at a Krasnoyarsk hospital, Dr. Yelena Nepomnyashchaya, 47,  received life-threatening injuries after plummeting from a window of the same building, according to her colleagues.

Source: New York Post

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