After 6 deaths in the US, Pence Says Coronavirus Risk Still Low [Video]


  • Health officials confirmed 4 additional deaths due to coronavirus in the US, raising the total to six.
  • Vice President Mike Pence confirms 43 tested positive of coronavirus in the U.S.
  • Pence, who heads the administration’s task force against coronavirus, assured the public that the risk in Americans was still low, and medication relief is set to arrive.

After meeting up with President Donald Trump and leaders of pharmaceutical companies, Vice President Mike Pence announced on Monday that 43 cases are confirmed of having coronavirus in the U.S. During a White House press conference, Pence said the danger for Americans “remains low.” 

The V.P. also assured the public that the government is closely working with experts to address the issue. Pence, together with the U.S.’ top health officials, affirmed that 29 tested positive for COVID-19 are either in Washington or California.

Health officials also confirmed that recently, the virus took the lives of four more people, raising the number of total deaths in the U.S. to six.

They further said that 17 of the confirmed cases in the U.S. were traveling when they got the virus, while the 26 others allegedly acquired it from interacting with other people.

The Trump administration chose Pence to head the coronavirus response initiative, while the V.P. picked Ambassador Deborah Birx to work with him on the response efforts for the crisis.

Prior to the news briefing, Trump sat down with experts and heads of the pharmaceutical industry. Pence told reporters that the pharma industry would closely collaborate with government agencies to share data about the potential coronavirus immunization.

Pence said the vaccine will develop but may not be available until early next year. He further said the relief treatments for COVID-19 would be coming by summer or early fall of this year.

The V.P. further advised that, on Sunday, the U.S. has already released an updated travel advisory about South Korea and Italy. Pence, however, did not further elaborate if the U.S. government would add more travel sanctions to other affected countries. Still, he advised that the advisory may expand, but they’ll have to hear with the concerned expert in other nations to advise on the issue as well.

Meanwhile, U.S. health officials noted that medical labs have the capacity to do around 75,000 to 100,000 tests now. By the end of the week, almost a million new testing kits are expected to be ready for coronavirus screening in the U.S.

Source: Fox News

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