50,000 Pounds of Meat Destroyed When a Worker Urinated On the Production Line


  • Smithfield Foods announced that they destroyed over 50,000 pounds of meat after one of the workers was allegedly caught urinating on the production line.
  • The video of the incident shows a worker who appears to be urinating either on or near the meat on the production line at a Virginia packing plant.
  • In a statement issued by Smithfield, it said that the facility stopped production right away to sanitize the processing line before continuing operations.

Smithfield Foods, the largest pork and hog producer in the world, was left with no choice but to destroy its products — more than 50,000 pounds of meat —after an employee allegedly urinated on the processing line.

The production at a Smithfield Foods packing plant in Smithfield, Virginia was immediately stopped.

Local news outlet WAVY was able to obtain a footage of the incident, showing an employee who removes his gloves, leans against a counter, and urinates. It can be seen in the video that the worker is just feet away from other workers and was standing directly next to the meat-filled production line.

When the employee looks like he just finished urinating, he put his gloves back on and resumes working.

In a statement to Business Insider, the meatpacking company said that over 50,000 pounds of meat were disposed of after an internal investigation started.

“The facility immediately halted production, fully cleaned the processing line, and sanitized all equipment multiple times before resuming operations. The employee has been suspended pending a complete investigation,” the statement read.

“The facility and its employees’ immediate response and corrective actions to this isolated incident reflect the company’s commitment to ensuring the safety and quality of its products,” Smithfield’s statement continued.

Smithfield Foods is a multi-billion company (reportedly $15 billion worth) with brands including Smithfield, Eckrich, and Nathan’s Famous.

Source: Business Insider

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